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In recent years, Online Therapy has exploded in popularity with families, Speech-Language Pathologists and Support Teachers electing to deliver and receive services virtually.

Our specialist therapy services are available online in the safety and convenience of your home. All you need is a video-equipped computer and a stable internet connection and you can connect in real time with one of our Speech-Language Pathologists or Remedial Academic Support Teachers .

Online Therapy sessions may not suit every  client, however, it has been our experience  with the limited choices during the Covid-19 pandemic , that most of our clients adjusted very well and settled to a different presented working style despite varying skill sets and preferences.

In Care Speech & Language Therapy Centre, our Hybrid Assessment Process, Speech & Language Therapy sessions, as well as; our Remedial Academic Support sessions are available online. Our Speech-Language Pathologists and Remedial Academic Support Teachers are experienced in delivering effective therapy online.

Online Therapy is as Effective as Traditional Therapy

Therapy is an important part of the lives of many children   struggling with their speech and/or learning ability. Working with a qualified and clinically certified Speech-Language Pathologist or Remedial Academic Support Teacher, is the most recommended route to help overcome these problems .These professionals have the knowledge to guide the child in the most effective manner, thus increasing pace of progress. One-on-one therapy sessions are extremely effective to close the developmental gap that your child may be experiencing.

Traditional in-person therapy has  been the way specialists have worked with their clients but this is no longer the only option available today. The pace of technological advancements and improved internet speed has supported the ability to conduct therapy sessions online very effectively.

Working With A Qualified & Clinically Licensed Therapist

The professional your child will be working with will be qualified and clinically certified regardless of delivery platform (Online Therapy or Traditional In-Person Therapy).

Attested by Research as Effective

Multiple research studies have confirmed that the results of Individualized Online Therapy sessions are as effective as in-person therapy sessions. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)  recognizes teletherapy as a valid means of service delivery for Speech-Language Therapy Disorders. This recognition is based on the strong body of evidence available currently.

As a result of Online Therapy being a proven method of delivery, tele-practice, as it is otherwise known, is widely established in the United States, Canada, throughout Europe, as well as, in Australia and in New Zealand. The success of our Online Therapy sessions are very obvious to us since the launch of our online services in March 2020.

Performed correctly, Online Therapy is a very powerful tool in maintaining the quality of client care while expanding access of more services to the client and their family.

Location Is Not An Obstacle

In Kuala Lumpur where traffic is an obstacle to travelling from one place to another OR if you live  out of town, you may not have easy access to a qualified Speech-Language Pathologist or Remedial Academic Support Teacher. Getting to and from therapy appointments can be difficult or may involve lengthy time -wasted drives. Often children with developmental delays need a variety of medical and therapeutic services where parents spend a bulk of their precious time ferrying their children from one therapy Centre to the next one. Appointments may be missed due to these inconveniences or due to bad weather or  busy and conflicting work schedules.

Online Therapy Sessions does away with such obstacles entirely. Additionally, your child will be able to gain access to a whole network of selected professionals at your fingertips. As you are not limited by location, you can locate the expert you need for your child to work with wherever the expert may be working from. The possibilities are endless and your child can benefit!


In an age when everyone is busy juggling work, school, after school activities and other daily tasks, finding the time to go to an in-person therapy session can be often be difficult. In addition, identifying time to reinforce therapy goals at home can sometime be impossible! The fact that most traditional in-person therapy sessions are usually only available during normal business hours compounds the problem further.

While parents will always do what it takes to organize the best supports for their children, their available time is limited. Online Therapy sessions offers greater flexibility so you can  use the time saved for other reinforcing experience sharing activities with your child.

It’s Easier for Parents to Get Involved

Parent involvement in a child's supportive therapy is a HUGE asset for the child and can make all the difference in pace of acquisition and progress. As Online Therapy sessions are usually home based, parents are more likely to facilitate and/or observe therapy sessions. This involvement will result in parents gaining more insight and allows them to be better able to grasp what is being done during therapy and more importantly, how they can reinforce therapy goals during their everyday lives and the rest of their child's day.

In addition to supporting children during their Online Therapy session, being involved can  assist parents to learn how to cope better with their child who is struggling within their home environment.

Reduced Risk to Illness

Contact with different people and environments can expose your child and your family to illness. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated this risk, with consequences that can potentially be severe. Online Therapy sessions reduce your exposure to illness and also protects the other members of your family as well.

In the long run, as parents, it is important to consider how Online Therapy can fit into your child's therapeutic plan moving forward. The majority of the families we work with who benefited from Online Therapy since the start of Covid-19 pandemic  in March 2020, now opt for Online Therapy to be their only support option for their child. There may also be families who may wish to increase their child's level of support by arranging for a combination of traditional in-person services and Online Therapy sessions.

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