We are deeply committed to the welfare of the community we share with our clients. To this end, our staff provide professional leadership and direct services to non-profit organisations that address the needs of the communities in which we work. While we administer to all who require our services, we would like to specifically help and provide the necessary assistance to underprivileged children, especially orphanages/homes, charitable groups, shelter homes and other similar non-profit organisations.

To provide for the increasing need for our services in such organisations/institutions, we volunteer many hours of pro-bono speech-language and academic support services to a wide range of clients.

Our services:

  • We can provide professional services at no or a reduced fee to persons of limited financial means.
  • We can donate/volunteer professional expertise and services to charitable groups or organizations.
  • We can engage in activities to improve access to speech-language therapy and/or academic support.
  • We can educate and/or guide teachers in early intervention centres and/or kindergartens.

Our mission:

  • To provide speech and language therapy, training, determining therapy programmes and support services to children individually or to teachers in early intervention centres and/or kindergartens.
  • To support and enable children to become as independent as possible and to assist these children to have greater access to education and support, so that they can achieve an enhanced quality of life.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship for your child to receive speech and language therapy and/or academic support, or you are a centre that would like to apply for pro-bono speech and language evaluations, please contact us for further information and for details regarding the application process.

All valid applications shall be evaluated by the Board of Directors to determine eligibility. If you are short-listed, an interview at our Centre is mandatory prior to approval of the scholarship.