Making Chatter Matter

Making Chatter Matter, written by a Malaysian for Malaysians, filled a void in books available in the local market targeting parents of language-impaired children. The necessity for a book directed at the multilingual and multicultural components (which is the hallmark of Malaysia) is aptly met by the author's in-depth and perceptive insights into the difficulties faced by language-impaired children and their parents in Malaysia. This practical, down-to-earth guidebook is written especially for parents and caregivers who desire to understand the unique needs of their language-impaired child.

Written in a simple, straightforward style, the book walks the reader through the stages of how a child's communication skills develop, and what a child requires in order to acquire adequate communication skills (particularly within a multilingual environment).

The book is peppered with more than 120 relevant examples of children's language impairments. Also incorporated are teaching strategies that capitalize on the individual strengths and learning skills of the individual child. Parents and teachers can effectively use these strategies to benefit the language-impaired child, as these strategies promote communication and socialization.

The author has included a chapter on the questions most frequently asked and has given a ready reference list of organizations, both private and government-affiliated, as a further source of support and information.

The strength of Making Chatter Matter lies in the fact that the suggested strategies and teaching methods are not restricted to a Malaysian setting, but can be readily adapted to any multi-lingual situation in any country.

Opinions about Making Chatter Matter

"This is a valuable book that will help parents and professionals (from a variety of fields) to understand how to help children with problems and disabilities in the area of language and communication. This excellent book goes into great depth and has many good examples to help the reader help children in need. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is serious about wanting to help children with language / communication problems." Dr. Amar-Singh HSS, Consultant Community, Paediatrician & Head, Paediatric Department, Ipoh Hospital, Perak

"High praise for the first Malaysian book written by a Speech-Language Pathologist. An excellent resource for parents, teachers and students of speech pathology and health professionals." Audrey Colliver, Speech-Language Pathologist (Private Practice), Malaysia; President Malaysian Association of Speech-Language & Hearing (MASH) [2000-2002]

"An excellent orientation for parents and teachers of language-impaired children to understand not only what to do, but more importantly, why." Helen Chandler-Yeo, Speech-Language Pathologist (Private Practice), Singapore

"This is a highly informative book that provides readers with a clear idea on speech-language pathology. It is a useful guide/text for parents, teachers and the health care professional in multilingual Malaysia." Dato' Dr. Iean Hamzah Sendut, Consultant Paediatrician & Neonatal Intensivist, Gleaneagles Intan Hospital


Both the English version of Making Chatter Matter, as well as, the Bahasa Malaysia version of the Making Chatter Matter can be purchased at our Centre at RM50 (+ postage and packaging as appropriate).