School Visits

As understanding and expressing language is essential during the learning process, often, school visits are requested either by parents, shadow aides and/or by teachers in schools. These visits enable the Speech & Language Pathologist to observe the child within his/her school environment and then provide specific recommendations to further increase the child's understanding and language development within the school setting.

School visits assist Speech-Language Pathologists in supporting teachers to incorporate specific recommended strategies to support the child with language impairments, increasing the child's ability to access the curriculum.

School visits assist Speech-Language Pathologists to provide focused training to shadow-aides to be more effective in their support for their student with language impairments in the school environment and during activities.

School visits are usually followed by a meeting with the teachers in charge along with the parents of the child to discuss observations and findings, as well as, to answer specific questions that facilitators may have.

A written report detaining observations and specific recommendations usually follows within 10 days of a requested school visit.

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