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In the event that therapy is required, the majority of the children that we see are seen on a weekly basis. Therapy would most often involve direct work with your child, and at times it will involve working with you on strategies to support your child's communication development. Early diagnosis and intervention can mean the difference between having the ability to verbally communicate and the frustrating inability to communicate verbally.

Parents are expected to attend, observe and sometimes participate (under the Speech & Language Pathologist's guidance) in their child's therapy sessions. It is more effective therapeutically if the same parent attends all sessions to ensure continuity at home. The course of therapy is dependent on the type and severity of the deficit.

We provide several different models of therapy. All models of therapy always begin with an initial assessment.

  • Weekly Therapy Model
  • Home Programme Treatment Model
  • Group Therapy Treatment Sessions

The Course of Treatment

It is extremely important for consistency that a minimum of one caregiver who is going to implement the programme at home should attend regular therapy sessions, as well as the mandatory package review sessions after the completion of each treatment package ends. These sessions are very important as they provide an opportunity to review and update current programmes, 'troubleshoot' issues and ensure consistency of the speech and language therapy that your child receives. In this way, the Speech & Language Pathologist in charge can be kept informed of ongoing progress and any difficulties that may arise within a child's individual programme and can subsequently make appropriate recommendations as the need arises. The package review sessions allow the same to occur with our Director and is vital for quality control within the Centre. In order for a programme to be most successful, the Speech & Language Pathologist and parents must be consistent in their therapy and must follow the programme designed by Speech & Language Pathologist in charge of their case.

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