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The initial speech and language assessment will usually encompass a formal evaluation, an informal evaluation or a combination of both. Observation of and interaction with the child is carried out, and the child may be tested informally at this time to determine what, if any, specific difficulties may be present.

Amongst the areas that will be evaluated within a speech and language therapy evaluation are:

  • Receptive language skills (understanding)
  • Expressive language skills
  • Language/vocabulary
  • Articulation and phonology
  • Oral-motor function
  • Resonance of sound
  • Voice quality
  • Fluency
  • Critical thinking and reasoning skills
  • Auditory/listening skills
  • Pragmatics (social use of language)

There are no standardized tests on the Malaysian multilingual population at this time. Parents and primary caregivers are usually encouraged to be present during the evaluation. The results of the evaluation will be reviewed with the parents present to assure that the results are good examples of the child's skills.

After having completed the initial speech and language evaluation, the Speech and Language Pathologist should be able to provide you with some preliminary feedback and some definite answers to your questions, as well as a recommended programme to help your child.

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