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Before embarking on this programme, you should prepare yourselves for RDI® so that you are aware and, more importantly, prepared to provide the commitment required of you to undertake this programme successfully. Before the RDI® programme can begin, you should have:

  • Click here to downlod and read the RDI® brochure. It gives an excellent and comprehensive introduction to the RDI® programme and its benefits.
  • Read The RDI® Book. It is mandatory for any family wishing to embark on the RDI® programme at this Centre to purchase and read this book. The book is an excellent and comprehensive introduction to the principles of RDI® and will provide a reader with a better idea of what the entire program entails. This book will also be used as a reference point throughout the programme. The book is available for purchase at the Centre.
  • Watched the RDI® DVD Going to the Heart of Autism.
  • Become a member of the RDI® website.
  • If you have had the opportunity to have attended any 2 or 4-day RDI® workshops at our Centre, that would most certainly be an added benefit for you and your child.

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