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Relationship Development Intervention

Relationship Development Intervention, RDI®, is at this time the only family-centred approach that systematically targets the core deficits of autism. The development of RDI® was based on a comprehensive review, systems theory, cultural/anthropological research, psychotherapy, brain development and function, developmental psychology and more.

The treatment of autism through RDI® follows the path of typical development and is achieved through structured 'lab times' initially and the practice of the RDI® principles and techniques throughout the daily activities of life. Each programme is individually constructed for the child's specific needs in order to decrease the child's obstacles and utilize their strengths to develop meaningful relationships, cognitive flexibility and relative information processing.

Parents function as the primary interventionists with their children under the direction of the RDI® Programme Certified Consultant. Consultations vary in the form of video analysis, phone consultations, live demonstrations, home visits and when it is appropriate, peer dyads.

RDI® allows for an individualized and comprehensive plan to be created for each family. It is a family-based and parent-focused programme, and places a priority on promoting balance for the entire family while targeting the developmental obstacles for each child on the spectrum whilst re-establishing the Guided Participation Relationship (GPR) between child and parents. Each family will be guided by their RDI® Certified Consultant during live demonstrations, discussions and video reviews to maintain a good quality of life throughout their journey with autism remediation.

Read the RDI® Brochure

Click here to downlod and read an informative PDF booklet. It gives an excellent and comprehensive introduction to the RDI® programme and its benefits.

What kind of skills do people with Autism Spectrum Disorder really need?

Teaching academic or trade skills to people on the spectrum is certainly helpful. However, what is really missing are the skills needed to competently function in a socially dynamic world.

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