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Individual Academic Support

Academic Support Teachers will assess the abilities and potential of students using a variety of informal and formal tests, along with other assessments. After a complete evaluation is carried out to ascertain a baseline, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be drawn up for the child detailing both short term and long term goals. The programmes are designed to build on the student's strengths and reduce/eliminate their weaknesses, and most importantly, it is always a priority to create a sense of competency for the student. The main aims of a child's IEP are:

  • To provide a baseline of the child's abilities.
  • To select specific and appropriate foundation skills and academic goals that require support.
  • To provide information and early support to families.
  • To guide parents to teach and manage their children's academic skills more effectively.

Our Academic Support Teachers teach areas of the curriculum at the pace at which each student is able to learn in a calm, determined and creative way, as a variety of teaching styles is usually needed to meet the different learning needs of each student. They also observe, evaluate and record each student's progress during their academic packages.

Group Academic Support

The children in the Group Academic Support classes are selected from our Individual Academic Support sessions. This is to ensure that:

  • The children are ready for a group class.
  • The children within the group class are of the same academic levels and require the same needs.
  • The Academic Support Teacher is familiar with each child in the group and their individual needs.

Our group academic support classes are Centre-based. Each group session comprises a group of no more than six children. The programme is a planned academic programme and it incorporates all the main areas of a child's development through a structure of planned activities. Time is set aside for individual work, small group and whole group activities.

Once a child who is receiving Individual Academic Support is deemed ready for a group setting, parents will be informed about their option to join the group academic support class. A shadow aide may be required for certain children in the group academic support class. This will be decided at the discretion of our Director and the Academic Support Teacher to ensure an optimal learning experience for all the students in the group.

Hybrid Home-Schooling Programme

We also provide a consultancy service for children who are being home-schooled. We are not a tuition centre; instead, a home-schooling curriculum to suit the child's requirements and needs can be devised after the child has undergone a complete academic evaluation to determine the child's baseline.

The programme will be specifically designed by the Academic Support Teacher for each child. The Academic Support Teacher will also lead and support either the child's parents and/or home-schooling teachers in the implementation of the curriculum on a daily basis at home. It is vital that support work is carried out at home to ensure the child receives adequate academic support.

'Experience learning' is emphasized, creating dynamic learning opportunities for each student on the Hybrid Home-Schooling Programme. Though we do use book and worksheet supports, we do not advocate rote-learning-type situations.

"True learning takes time... time to wonder, time to pause, time to look closely, time to share, time to pay attention to what is most important." Dr. Steven Gutstein

Support for Shadow Aides

The Academic Support Teacher will also be able to support a child's shadow aide with teaching strategies for generic difficulties that can be evaluated at the Centre. For more comprehensive support, it is always best for both the child and shadow aide to be observed within the class/school setting to ascertain how they can best be helped and supported within that particular setting. To achieve this, a school visit can be arranged. All school visits are conducted by our Director, Ms Jennifer Peters.

We also provide on-site training workshops to schools/institutions who wish to train their staff/shadow aides. For further information with regards to group training of shadow aides, please contact us.

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