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Pathologists and Instructors

The following are brief introductions to the pathologists and instructors who are part of the CareSpeech family (in addition to Ms Jennifer Peters, the centre's Director).

Hiruni Fonseka

Hiruni Fonseka

Speech & Language Pathologist

Hiruni Fonseka joined CareSpeech in January this year as a Speech & Language Pathologist. She hails from the Tear Drop Of India, Sri Lanka. Born and bred in Colombo, Hiruni completed her Secondary schooling at Holy Cross College, Colombo, in 2010 and in 2015, she gained a Bachelor of science in Speech Language Pathology & Audiology from the University of Bangalore, Bangalore, India.

Hiruni, who is fluent in Sinhala, English and Hindi, interned at rehabilitation centers/hospitals in Sri Lanka and India: Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital, Sri Lanka, Samvaad Institute of Speech and Hearing, Foundation for Action, Motivation and Empowerment (FAME India), Dr. B. R Ambedkar Medical College and Hospital, Bowring & Lady Curzeon Hospital, Sapthagiri Medical Hospital and Rail Wheel Hospital in Bangalore, India.

She commence her career as a visiting Speech Language Pathologist in Ave Maria Pvt. Hospital, Negombo, Sri Lanka and Dharani Health Care, Gampaha, Sri Lanka, and worked with the Sumaga Special Needs School, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Keen interest in her chosen field led her to conduct, and to participate, in several Special Needs awareness and parental education programs, and serve as content writer on “childhood communication disorders” on a website. In early 2016 she completed a short training course on “Sensory Integration Therapy”.

Hiruni looks forward to an exciting and fulfilling experience in Malaysia and the CareSpeech family has great pleasure in welcoming her into the fold.

Piriya Dharshini Jaganathan

Piriya Dharshini Jaganathan

Speech & Language Pathologist

In August 2017 CareSpeech welcomed Piriya Dharshini Jaganathan into its’ family.

Born in Subang Jaya, Selangor in 1994, into a family of four, Piriya had her Secondary education at Sri Kuala Lumpur before proceeding to India for a higher education. In 2017, she graduated from the Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai, Tamilnadu, with a Bachelors of Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology.

While in India, she interned at Sri Ramachandra Medical Center, Vidya Sudha Learning Center, Balavidyalaya: The School for Young Deaf Children and ComDeall-Karthickeyan Child Development Center. In conjunction with her Alma Mater, she initiated, and conducted, programs in schools in Chennai to raise awareness in teachers for childhood communication problems, its identification and the importance of early intervention.

Fluent in Tamil, English and Bahasa Malaysia, Piriya’s choice of career is a natural progression of her desire to help children with linguist needs and to improve their communication skills. Piriya exhibits initiative and a sense of responsibility and is a welcome addition to CareSpeech.

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